Muse Scene Lab is a startup that uses virtual, augmented and mixed reality to transform the way musicians practice and interact with virtual orchestras and bands.

Welcome to the Muse Scene Lab Family FUNDING ROUND!

Dear friends, we are the founding team of Muse Scene Lab. It is with immense pride that we look back and see all that we have achieved thanks to the trust that many of you have placed in us.

Our minimum viable product (MVP) is already a fact that transforms the way musicians can practice. Today, we have a list of musical institutions waiting for the final development of our product and that is why, we invite you to be part of this funding round to be able to continue scaling and thus accelerate the development of the first immersive music education platform. It’s only a matter of time before immersive technologies create a world without limits in music education and Muse Scene Lab will make it a reality.

Go through the campaign on our website in detail and you will understand why you will want to be part of this milestone that is changing the history of music. With the talent of all those who believe in the magic of instruments, we will make it reach every corner of the planet. Be a part of this great adventure.

Best regards,
The Muse Scene Lab team

Our approach

Music students do not have enough opportunities to practice with orchestras or large ensembles.

Muse Scene Lab facilitates the process of practicing students and musicians so that they can improve their skills and abilities.

Will you miss this opportunity? There are only remaining:


Nuestro enfoque

Los estudiantes de música no tienen suficientes oportunidades de practicar con orquestas o ensambles grandes.

Muse Scene Lab facilita el proceso de practicar a estudiantes y músicos para que puedan mejorar sus habilidades y capacidades.

¿Te perderás esta oportunidad?, sólo quedan:


What do they say about us?

Ludovic Pech
Ludovic Pech Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Orange España
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It is amazing to see the commitment and enthusiasm of the seven winners of the V Edition of the impulse program aimed at entrepreneurs #Lánzate. Pedro Barboza and Luis Parra from Muse Scene Lab, your passion inspires us to continue supporting the business projects selected this year, taking another step towards the Digital Economy in our country.
Barcelona Music Tech Hub
Barcelona Music Tech HubMusic tech hub in Barcelona
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We are extremely proud that the incredible talent of our members is being recognized! 🔝
Soraya Del Portillo
Soraya Del PortilloCEO and founder in BeChiara
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Technology at the service of education!! What a great solution. In love and fan since the first day I met Muse Scene Lab. Only with practice can perfection be achieved. Very 🔝 🔝 hash hashtag#edtech hashtag#virtualreality hashtag#realityvirtual hashtag#education
Gabriela Moncada
Gabriela MoncadaEntrepreneurship & Innovation | Co-founder & CEO | Content Manager
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This is like music to my ears 🎶 😅 what a thrill to see every advance of Muse Scene Lab
Jose Pedro Moro
Jose Pedro Moro Startup Mentor & Advisor | Associate Professor at UC3M
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ECongratulations, an important step in the music education revolution! Muse Scene Lab is bringing augmented and virtual reality learning to all corners of the world 🙂
Pedro Manuel Montilla
Pedro Manuel MontillaChief Conductor in Antífona Orchestra
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A wonderful achievement that deserves to be celebrated! 🎶 🌟 Congratulations to the Muse Scene Lab team for their new agreement with the Souza Lima Music Conservatory in Brazil. 💫 🇧🇷 This union not only highlights the impressive trajectory that Muse Scene Lab has been charting, but also the importance of new technologies in music education and symphonic conducting. Welcome!
Daniel Hurtado Michelangeli
Daniel Hurtado MichelangeliMusical Director
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Congratulations to the entire Muse Scene Lab team. One more step in the development of this valuable pedagogical tool that in the very near future will be indispensable for the study and practice of the wonderful world of orchestral conducting.

What do you get by believing in Muse Scene Lab?

Discover the reasons to be part of this exciting adventure:

Participate with Advantages:

Join in this initial phase with an exceptional discount of 33%, enhancing the value of your investment when you start with us.

Exclusive Information:

By joining our investor community, you will have exclusive access to our progress, advances and achievements, keeping you up to date in a privileged way.

Muse Scene Lab orquesta VR

It Drives Innovation:

Your support is not only financial, but also a vote of confidence towards an innovative future, supporting entrepreneurs with vision.

Shared Growth:

Our journey is yours too. With the advancement of Muse Scene Lab, your investment will also expand, becoming an active part of our achievements.

A small impulse can have a big impact...

We are now looking to raise €50,000 through a funding round with your support. This capital will allow us to scale the development of our minimum viable product (MVP) and accelerate growth to reach more music institutions and students.

Join the start of something great.

Sign up and invest in our vision that will make a difference.
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Our team

We combine the necessary musical, technological and business experience. We have the support of musical institutions and an ambitious vision for the future.

Graduated from Berklee College of Music, professional musician, with more than 30 years of teaching experience. It also has a wide network of musicians and directors of music schools.

Specialist in sales, marketing and finance, he has worked for other startups in the past and one of them, went from 0 to 3 million turnover in less than 3 years and Luis was part of the strategy design and training of the sales team.

More than 10 years directing and developing projects related to robotics, artificial vision and VR, AR and XR technologies. Researcher in automation, robotics and electronics at the University of Almería.

Graduado de Berklee College of Music, músico profesional, con más de 30 años de experiencia en la docencia. Además posee una amplia red de músicos y directores de escuelas de música.

Especialista en ventas, marketing y finanzas, ha trabajado para otras startups en el pasado y una de ellas, pasó de 0 a 3 millones de facturación en menos de 3 años y Luis formó parte del diseño de la estrategia y el entrenamiento del equipo de ventas.

Más de 10 años dirigiendo y desarrollando proyectos relacionados con robótica, visión artificial y tecnologías VR, AR y XR. Investigador en automática, robótica y electrónica en la Universidad de Almería.

We already have agreements with Souza Lima (Brazil). This year we will also collaborate with Paradox (Ecuador), AMA Conservatory (Colombia) and UPC (Peru).
Possible Customers
Potential clients of Muse Scene Lab are musical institutions: Conservatories, music schools and other educational centers related to music.
Acceleration programs
Among the acceleration programs in which Muse Scene Lab has participated, are: Barcelona Activa Pre-Incubation Program, Demium Incubation Program, SekLab acceleration program
Awards & Recognitions
Some of the main awards received include: EOI Lanzate 2021 Winners, Creative Industries 2020 Finalists, Best EdTech Startup Gremi d'empresaris, Seal of Excellence 2021.

They trust us...

About Muse Scene Lab

VIA Empresa

"Muse Scene Lab, the immersion made orchestra”

Barcelona Activa

"Barcelona Activa boosts the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the 4YFN”

Reina Sofía School of Music

"Entrepreneurship and innovation in classical music IV - Project: Muse Scene Lab”

By Orange

"Digital Transformation, Digital Education, Smart Home and Collaborative Economy, axes of the winning projects of the V Edition of "Lánzate"


An investment of accounts in participation is when one person contributes money to another to finance an activity or investment. In return, they share the economic results of that investment according to the amount contributed. The one who contributes money does not manage the activity, only shares risks and benefits.

If you invest in Muse Scene Lab, you will become a participating account of a company (Muse Scene Lab Investment Vehicle SL), which will have Muse Scene Lab SL shares.

Every investment carries risks. If the business fails, unfortunately your shares would lose value, even become irrelevant or worth zero. However, our entire team works with passion and commitment to make our vision a reality that we believe can transform this sector. We have a solid business plan and we have carefully weighed the challenges and opportunities. We are fully confident in our ability to create long-term value for our investors.

You can read more about the associated risks in our Risk Warning.

The final cost depends on the bank you use to make the investment. In addition, the cost depends on whether you make the investment through transfer or credit card. The payment gateway carries up to 5% additional cost, depending on the country where you are located. But if you decide to pay for the transfer and your bank does not charge you any commission, the investment would have no additional cost for you, the price will be only the price of the investment.

Unfortunately, transfers from participating accounts are not possible today. However, when there is a liquidity event, the investing company (Muse Scene Lab Investment Vehicle SL) will be able to distribute the profits to its participating accounts.

At Muse Scene Lab we value the participation of investors with different abilities. In this first round, the investment ticket is a minimum of € 500 and from there, multiples of € 500.

Register, access and invest by registering your account and accessing your profile to enjoy all the opportunities offered at Muse Scene Lab.

There are multiple ways to recover and monetize your investment in Muse Scene Lab, which are linked to the development of the company. The most frequent options are presented below:

  • Secondary Purchase: In this scenario, an interested third party, either another company or investor, offers to acquire a certain percentage of the company, buying shares of some or all of the partners. Here, there is the possibility of selling part or all of the shares of the investment vehicle.
  • Acquisition of the company: If the company is acquired in its entirety, each investor will obtain a return based on the valuation of the shares of the investment vehicle.
  • Company Listing (IPO/Initial public Offering): Another option is for the company to be listed on a public stock market. In this case, their shares would have liquidity, and the investment vehicle could sell them at the quoted value in that market at the time it deems most favorable.
  • Repurchase of shares by the company or the founders: In some cases, the company itself or the founders may be interested in repurchasing the shares of investors. This can happen in different circumstances, such as when the company reaches the expected level of success, becomes profitable or seeks to consolidate its ownership or restructure. Although in Spain it is not common if the company does not have the category of emerging company or evolves into a Public Limited Company (SA).
  • Mergers and Consolidations: Sometimes two or more companies may decide to merge or consolidate to increase their value and efficiency. As an investor, you can benefit from a merger or acquisition transaction by receiving shares or participations of the resulting company or being compensated in cash.

These options provide different ways to recover and monetize your investment in Muse Scene Lab. We will be happy to provide you with more details and answer any additional questions you may have regarding these exit opportunities.

Yes! Currently, you can pay in any currency that is convenient for you, but the amount of money or participation will equal 500 euros. In addition, in the case of being another currency, everything depends on the commissions of your bank for the transfer of the currency exchange.

If you have any more doubts, we make a video call to clarify anything. Contact us by email: inversiones@musescenelab.com to be able to discuss all the doubts they have suggested.

Are you signing up for a video call?

In our video calls we explain the value proposition and share the traction we have generated so far with clients, accelerators and letters of intent. We show the financial projections and the use of the funds of the financing round and solve any doubts that may arise.

Risk warning

Investing in startups and early-stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, investment loss and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Muse Scene Lab is aimed exclusively at investors who are sophisticated enough to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. Investment opportunities are not offered to the public and investments can only be made by authorized Muse Scene Lab users on the basis of the information provided in the Muse Scene Lab crowdfunding proposal.

Read more about the associated risks.

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